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April 30, 2014

5 Ways to Get Naked in Cape Town and Surrounds

So everyone keeps telling you need to get in touch with nature. Cape Town's natural gifts are pretty magnificent. Maybe you have your own natural gifts to offer! Naturism, or nudism, seeks harmony with nature through social nudity, priding itself on its respect for people of different opinions and the environment. As an anonymous author noted, the difference between nudists and clothed people is that nudists don’t mind if you are wearing clothes! Here are 5 ways to express your freedom when you get naked at: 

1. Afrikaburn

image courtesy of AfrikaBurn.com 

The first story I head about AfrikaBurn was that they set a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex alight in the desert. The art festival is famous for lighting up colossal structures that loom out of the sands of the Karoo National Park, the flames lighting up art installations, imaginative costumes, themed camps and performance artists, music and mutant vehicles and a spirit of radical self-expression. It's a good place to get naked and you won't be alone; some 8,500 people will be at this year's event under the stars, many of them expressing themselves without any of the conventional trappings! 

Email: info@afrikaburn.com

Website: www.afrikaburn.com

Price Tag: R991.80 per person

2. Naked Bike Ride

An international initiative that puts bums on seats in over 70 cities around the world, the Naked Bike Ride aims to promote awareness of oil dependency, car culture and the environment, especially your immediate environment! Last year's slogan was "As Bare as You Dare", letting you decide your degree of au naturel freedom, complete with body paint and silliness in a peaceful and colourful demonstration of a good cause. 

Email: nakedbikeride.capetown@gmail.com

Website: www.wnbrcapetown.weebly.com

Price Tag: Free

3. Sandy Bay

Cape Town's famous nudist beach is also one of it's most secluded and gorgeous, thanks to fields of fynbos and exotic rock formations. Your sensitive areas will be well protected from the wind and the curious by an enclosure of sand dunes and towering mountains. The beach is unofficially nudist, and by that we mean it's not strictly necessary to go all in! There's about a 15 minute walk from the parking lot in Llandudno through an overwhelmingly beautiful little trail before you get to the ocean. 

Price Tag: Free 

4. Tsitsikamma

Tsitsikamma, image courtesy of Nathaniel Smith

Tsitsikamma is one of South Africa's most ancient and beautiful indigenous forests, home to the massive yellowwoods (some of them over 800 years old), the world's highest bungee jump (216m) and the Striptease Trail. Reserved exclusively for you and your beloved by the Tsitsikamma Lodge and Spa, travel 5km through 11 increasingly flirtatious natural rock pools, steadily escalating from the Bikini pool to the Topless pool and the Bottomless pool, all the way to the Fantasy pool and beyond! 

Tel: 042 280 3802

Website: www.tsitsikamma.info

5. Naturalist Camping with the WCNA

According to the South African Naturist Federation (Sanfed) the nudist community has been growing rapidly in South Africa, from 130 people in 2009 to more than 8,000 members currently. The local version, the Western Cape Naturalists Association, hosts regular nudist camping expeditions into the stunning Cape wilderness, with a variety of activities including swimming, trail hiking, picnicking and storytelling. Keep an eye on their events section for updates. 

Tel: 076 601 4267

Website: www.wcna.co.za

Price Tag: R150 per person per night for non-members. 

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