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January 24, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Vote for Cape Town to be the World’s Most Sustainable City

We’re super proud to announce that the Mother City has been named as a finalist in the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) ‘We Love Cities’ campaign as part of the Earth Hour City Challenge!

We're up against our beautiful sister city Durban, along with 163 other entrants from 34 cities and 14 countries to be the world’s most lovable sustainable city. Cape Town’s bid is sponsored by the City of Cape Town.

The challenge kicked off world-wide on Friday 17 January, 2014 and will run until Thursday 27 March,2014. To read more about the campaign and what exactly "sustainability" means, check out this blog post.

Let me give 5 reasons why you show that you #lovecapetown and our efforts to be sustainable. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Vote for Cape Town as World's Most Sustainable City


1. Bike Lanes

Bikes lanes make Cape Town safe for cyclists

While cycling around is not traditionally as much a part of South Africa’s culture as say, a place like Holland's, Cape Town has been making an effort to promote this carbon-friendly way of commuting by implementing bike lanes across the city and promoting events like Moonlight Mass, to raise awareness and grow bike culture. 

2. Bio-Dynamic Farming

Cape Town is world renowned for our outstanding wines, but did you know that many of the Cape’s biggest wine producers practice bio-dynamic farming? This includes respecting nature and placing great emphasis on preserving the natural integrity of the soil by not polluting it with chemicals, and things like using ducks to eat the snails that can be a pest on vines, instead of chemic pesticides. Avondale Wines in Paarl is one of the farms making a difference by thinking bio-dynamically.

3. Thinking Local

Living in a big city can often make residents complacent with the idea of buying fruit and veggies from large grocery franchises. With many weekly markets popping up around the city, including the City Bowl Market, Earth Fair Market, Oranjezicht Organic Market and the Neighbourgoods Market, locals are now buying their fresh fruit and veg from locally grown sources. This is helping to raise awareness and make people think about where their food is coming from – is it really worth the carbon footprint of buying grapes out of season when they have had to be shipped over from thousands of kilometers away?

4. SASSI Safe Fish

Not only does Cape Town support the promotion of only consuming SASSI safe fish, but it also supports a number of ocean preservation schemes all over the Cape. From keeping thousands of seals safe in the protected area of Duiker Island, to educating the public on marine life and preservation at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Local restaurants are being SASSI responsible and in turn, supporting a sustainable seafood industry. View their website for a list of SASSI restaurants in Cape Town.

5. Eco-conscious Accommodation

Hotel Verde is Africa's Greenest Hotel

Local hotels and accommodation establishments have jumped onboard with Cape Town’s efforts to be a sustainable city and eco-conscious establishments have been making huge efforts to be as green as possible. Old Mac Daddy Luxury Airstream Trailer Park in Elgin has refurbished old Airstream trailers, effectively upcycling these grand old beasts. They have used eco-friendly materials wherever possible and have installed shower geysers that work with pressure more than with electricity. Their hotel cleaning products are earth friendly and their toiletry amenities from African Organics are fully biodegradable, organic and natural. Hotel Verde near the Cape Town International Airport is Africa’s greenest hotel, leading the way with some of the most advanced, environmentally conscious technological installations, construction methods, procurement and operational practices in the world.


How to vote:

- Surf the web and show your love for your hometown by voting for Cape Town on our WWF We Loves Cities page.

- Channel your inner shutterbug and videographer by snapping shots and videos of amazing sustainability projects around the city and submit your entries via Instagram.  Need inspiration? Why not film your visit to Oranjezicht City Farm or post a pic of your buddy using the Cycle lane to get to work.

- Get innovative with your ideas to improve Cape Town’s sustainability by submitting your brilliant suggestions on our WWF page. Keen to get your entire neighbourhood to use solar-powered geysers? Post your suggestion!

- Get social: Remember, we are being judged by the number of interactions we generate so be sure to use the hashtag #welovecapetown in all of your Instagram and suggestions submissions.

The winning city will be announced on Thursday 27 March, 2014, as a precursor to Earth Hour (when cities switch off their lights for one hour globally) on Saturday 29 March, 2014.

For more information about the We Love Cities challenge, visit www.welovecities.org, join their Facebook fanpage or follow the conversation on Twitter.

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