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April 01, 2014

5 Free Ways to Exercise in Cape Town

It’s time to get out of the office into the sunlight, escape your emails, talk to real people and breathe real air. You’ve heard that exercise can not only make you sexier, it can also help you not develop half the world’s known diseases. You’ve also heard it’s expensive to do properly and that it sucks trying to get out of bed that early. Here are 5 of Cape Town’s solutions to your problems, all of which are completely free.

Lion's Head in the full moon by Lee Casalena


1. Free Gym

The Sea Point Promenade has been outfitted with an outdoor gym situated among the merry-go-rounds and slides of the popular strip. The gym is completely free and open to the public 24/7. The experience is refreshing, with everyone from pram-pushing mamas to shredded fitness freaks and goofy kids enjoying the surrounding Promenade in the sunlight. You can wash off proud sweat of your first efforts in the sparkling ocean nearby.

2. A Free Green Fitness Circuit

The Green Point Urban Park offers an outdoor circuit where you can stare dumbfounded at the little stick figures on the instruction board doing more exercise than you have in months. It’s also completely free and open from 7am to 7pm. Being located in a park overflowing with trees, manicured lawns, birds, plants and supremely healthy people doing yoga, you’ll be sweating in a completely environmentally friendly manner which is good for the soul.

3. Bond With Your Community

A free 5km timed run in Rondebosch allows you to meet real people in the community who can help you successfully guilt-trip yourself into coming back next week. Every Saturday at 8:00am in the Rondebosch Common, a whole bunch of friendly enthusiasts run for the pure enjoyment of running and then invite you for coffee afterwards at Michaels.

4. See the World (in the Dark)

If you’re not big into daylight public performances, try out a crown jewel in Cape Town’s night fitness when you hike up Lion’s Head under the full moon. In addition to having absurdly beautiful vistas of Cape Town and Camp’s Bay, Lion’s Head has lots of overseas visitors who will gladly share a glass of wine with you at the top. It’s about an hour to two hour walk, best done with a group of poetic friends over the weekend.

5. Free Women’s Health and Wellness Program

Work up a sweat indoors with some good clean fun when you go to Kick Boxing on Monday, Zumba (dance fitness) on Tuesday, Bootcamp on Wednesday, Yoga on Thursday, Core-fit on Friday and clean up with more Zumba on Saturday. All classes are held at the Cullinan Hotel as part of the SUNFit Women of Health 2014 Challenge from 5:30pm during the week and 8:00am on Saturdays. All necessary equipment is provided and best of all, it’s completely free.

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