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March 24, 2014

4 Unusually Cool Ways of Getting Around Cape Town

Cape Town is an unusual city, one that reveals increasingly more the closer you look. Unlike many other destinations, Cape Town has the ability to leave you feeling rejuvenated after your adventures instead of exhausted. Here are 4 ways of exploring Cape Town from refreshing new angles.

Hire out a Jaguar from the League of Gentlemen.  

1. A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Gentlemen provides exclusive personalized transfer, shuttle and tour services. Your chauffer can arrive in a Bentley, Jaguar, Daimler, Chrysler or a Rolls Royce. Or alternatively you can. The fleet of British collectables exudes old-school pomp (think a Rolls Royce stretch limousine) and the staff adheres to the values of extreme courteousness, warmth and pride in their work. Available for car rentals, full day tours, week-long golf tours and weddings, The League of Gentlemen offers some of classiest rides in Cape Town.

Bookings: 021 854 4827
Website: http://theleagueofgentlemen.co.za

2. A Mellow Yellow Taxi

With a name that revolves happily around your mouth, the Mellow Yellow Taxi service operates a water taxi each day from Kalk Bay to Simon’s Town. This cute little ferry leaves each hour on the hour at 9am from the Public Jetty in Simon’s Town, with slight delays anticipated due to whales crossing (according to the cheeky website!) Arriving at Kalky’s Fish and Chips about half an hour later, the Mellow Yellow Taxi is a charming option for a romantic journey or a fine oceanic voyage. It caters to a maximum of 10 seafarers at a time.

Cost: R150 per person (return) R100 (one way) R50 (per trip for kids)
Bookings: +27 73 473 7684
Email: bookings@watertaxi.co.za
Website: www.watertaxi.co.za

3. A Motorized Surfboard

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a motor attached to your surfboard?  There is indeed such a thing - the WaveJet, a battery powered motor that allows you to paddle 3 to 4 times faster using an electronic burst of speed. You activate WaveJet using a wireless controller on your wrist and then start zooming, which helps you get in position to catch dream waves. Which is awesome, but you can also just just zoom around. This helps you conserve energy and get more surfing done.
You have 30-45 minutes of battery time. WaveJet is really useful for catching monster waves (you never need to be towed) and get you out there when the break is soft and mushy. Also, certain kinds of disabled people can use WaveJet to surf for the first time, which is totally radical. They can be rented from WaveJet South Africa in Muizenberg. Surf’s up bro!

Bookings: 072 797 7278
Website: www.wavejetsouthafrica.co.za

4. A Helicopter

The ultimate sightseeing experience is from a boutique helicopter ride courtesy of SilverCross, whose variety of luxury charter products include golf transfers, wine estates, game farms and adventure tours. From mountain biking to shark cage diving, rock climbing to paragliding, SilverCross’s packages cater to all kinds of adrenalin fiends as well as the more genteel. It’s ridiculously stylish to fly anywhere by helicopter, but to fly over the gorgeous peninsula of Cape Town is something to really savour.   

Cost: From R11,400 per flight (holds up to 4 passengers)
Bookings: 021 934 2556
Email: info@silvercross.co.za
Website: www.silvercross.co.za

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