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July 30, 2014

African Transport Experiences: 4 Animals You Can Catch a Ride On In Cape Town

It's time to explore Africa, Africa style!

Come with us by horse, by camel, by elephant and ostrich as we show you just how much fun it can be to saddle up with some of Cape Town's more unusual transportation experiences! Let's start with: 

1. Your Elephant Ride

Botlierskop Game Reserve offers is a private game reserve conveniently located along the Garden Route, making it malaria free! It offers elephant back game rides through the African bush, your skin brushing sedately against the tough old hide of one of Africa's most prestigious creatures.

image courtesy of Martha Middlemiss

You can also spot others of Africa's famous beasts from the swaying majesty of your  friendly elephant back, including rhino's, buffalo, giraffes, impala's and others. Buffeldrift Game Reserve nearby also a variety of elephant experiences. 

image courtesy of Matthew C. Wright 

It's an ideal adventure for a family getaway (you can have an elephant picnic) or a romantic weekend and is an experience you won't soon forget. The elephant's certainly won't! 

image courtesy of SA Tourism

2. Your Camel Ride

Hop on Rambo or Jabulani (Happiness in Zulu) and take pretty Cape Town journey on camel-back, as these ungainly yet weirdly graceful creatures take you on the scenic side of the city. 

image courtesy of Levha

Irmhoff Farm, home of the camel herd, adds a lovely restaurant, snake park, goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and a pony for the kids. But the camel rides are legendary. 

image courtesy of Via Volunteers

After riding your majestically stupid camel, enjoy organic food and let your kids make friends in the Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard.

image courtesy of Levha

3. Your Horse Safari 

Wander through the breath taking Noordhoek beaches on horseback with Sleepy Hollow Riding School and spot the shipwrecks! Bush Trails and Beach rides are available along the 8km stretch of gorgeous white sand. 

image courtesy of Sleepy Hollow Riding School

Or take a horse safari and allow yourself to become one of the herd, getting closer than ever before to Africa's magnificent creatures. Aquila Game Reserve is home to the Big 5, which includes elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard, not to mention many more! 

image courtesy of Austin Adventures

Don't worry, your horse's finely turned senses and your professional guide will keep you safe and more fascinated! 

image courtesy of Ranch Seeker 

4. Your Ostrich Race 

Oudtshoorn is 4 hours outside of Cape Town and be accurately described as the ostrich capital of the world, producing 75% of all ostrich related products worldwide.

image courtesy of Oasis Overland

That makes jumping on the back of a 120kg bird a fairly unique experience, especially when you consider ostriches are no slouch, clocking in at a pacey 70km/h (Usain Bolt comes in at 44.72 km/h even at his fastest!).

image courtesy of Greg and Ashley

Sorry Usain, they're the world's fastest two legged animal. And when you hop onto your denim saddle, bear in mind there are no reins. Instead you grab onto the wings! Try stay on for an immensely fun and irreplaceable experience around the track.

image courtesy of Gareth Williams

Then you get to pat some exceedingly cute little chicklets. And, if you're ambitious enough, you can try an ostrich egg, which can feed about 20 people, alongside your ostrich steak! There are also a variety of ostrich related products like feather boas and handbags. 

Interested in more wildlife experiences in Cape Town? Check out this bucket list of beasts, including 18 legendary creatures you can see in Cape Town and surrounds. You can also find out more about Capetonian wildlife here. Enjoy our snapshots of Cape Town? Follow us on Twitter for more of the same. 

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