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December 04, 2009

2010 FIFA World Cup Final Draw™, London style

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The Cape Town International Convention Centre

What a spectacle celebrities make of themselves sometimes, falling over one another to be in a camera shot.

Never one to be camera-shy, David Beckham, sporting his new “mullet” is multi-tasking his way around South Africa: shaking hands, crossing his arms and spearheading the 2018 bid for England to host the FIFA World Cup. Yes, England wants a piece of it too.

Sorry, Cape Town – apart from the (lovely) interior of the Cape Town International Convention Centre, right now it’s all about just how much pain England will have to endure next year. Will they or won’t they play France/Portugal/Spain?

There is a big party planned for later today in Trafalgar Square. South African Tourism has put out the big screens for the good citizens of London to watch proceedings live. There is also going to be an attempt to set a world record for the greatest number of people doing the diski dance!

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