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May 30, 2014

11 Photos That Will Make You Want to Explore the South African Rugby Museum

"Be under no illusions what it takes to win a test match in South Africa," warned Mike Catt, coach of the British and Irish Lions, "You find out here who can and who can't take what's coming at them. It's a huge test of your physical and mental strength."

Catt was right. After they lost the second test match 5 Lions were in hospital, with 3 more unable to play in the third, effectively halving the Lion's first choice team.

Welcome to South Africa, home to some of the world's hardest rugby players. The game of rugby played a potent symbolic role in South Africa's peaceful transformation into a democratic nation. From The Book of Unwelcome to Madiba Magic, here are 11 photos that will make you want to explore the South African Rugby Museum at the V&A Waterfront, a world-class exhibition of one of South Africa's most beloved sport. 

Let's start your journey when you...

Check out the new Springbok jersey

Its motion dry technology allows you and Springboks to wear it tight fitted while allowing for freedom of movement and temperature management. Old-school-is-cool jerseys, such as those worn during the iconic 1994 World Cup, are also super popular with tourists. 

Hit the Springbok trials

See exactly how far you are away from being a professional athlete! Interactive games track your movements using radar, like XBox Connect, measuring your hand-off speed, fitness, kicking and passing. 

Now ascend

Through this attractive display of kick-ass rugby moments. 

And catch up on some history

How's this imposing old man?

And marvel at how creepy mascots were

Yup, that freakish voodoo doll is a mascot. The good old days. 

Check out the Book of Unwelcome

A compilation of 3,744 New Zealanders signatures indicated how unwelcome the Springboks in 1981. So unwelcome that the New Zealander public later rioted at the game and ran onto the field during the third test. It's one of many Apartheid legacies you'll find intricately woven with the history of the team - let's not forget the time New Zealand dropped flour bags on the players' heads or got kicked out the Olympics for hosting us! Ranging from sad to touching, the history of Apartheid sport is captured in variety of interactive exhibitions. 

The legendary "Doc" Danie Craven

The greatest exponent of the dive pass had 3 doctorates in ethnology, psychology and physical education. South Africa's Craven Week, the provincials schools trials, are named after him. Go Doc Craven. 

Madiba Magic

The talisman of South African rugby (just ask the All Blacks, who feared 'Madiba Magic' for 2 decades after this iconic moment), Nelson Mandela shakes Springbok captain Francois Pienaar's hand as he hands over the World Cup in 1994. Madiba's connection with the Boks roused them to rampaging performances against their arch-rivals every time he attended a game, often leaving the All-Blacks shell-shocked in disbelief at the ferocity of the contest. Yeah, they didn't enjoy it when Madiba was in the house. 

It all started in this world-famous moment of reconciliation. The All-Blacks will often talk with great admiration about how, for South Africans, rugby is about so much more than just the game. Mandela, who had endured years of brutality and incarceration for his anti-Apartheid activities, donned the same number 6 Springbok jersey as Pienaar, a white Afrikaaner and hugged him. "Thank you for what you have done for South Africa," Mandela said, to which Pienaar famously replied, "No Mr President. Thank you for what you have done for South Africa." Goosebumps. 

Democracy and Conquering the World 1994

And here's the famous number 6 jersey as well as Joel Stransky's boots, which drop kicked that famous goal in extra to time clinch the final. You can still see the Addidas logo under the paint. 


It's a slick, world class exhibition, with over 65 interactive videos. You can learn incredible facts - for example, today's players are on average 30-40kgs bigger than those who played a century ago! 

It begins...

All dreams begin somewhere! 

The museum offers a touching and powerful exhibition that captures the passion of the game in South Africa. Prices are also very affordable and tickets come with a complimentary beer, South African style!  The museum currently holding a Winter special offering free tickets for kids! 

Admission Prices: 

Adults (18+) - R50

Pre-school (under 5) - Free

Scholars (5-18) - R30

Senior Citizens (60+) - R30

Families (4 or more, including 2x scholars) - R140 +R25 for every child thereafter

Groups (R10 or more - only be prearrangement) - R40 per person

Schools (only by pre-arrangement) - R20 person 

Sounds like fun, but want to plan an day-long adventure at the V&A Waterfront? Here are a few more ideas for you! Enjoy our snapshots of Cape Town? You should follow us on Twitter here


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