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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 exhibition

If you are even the slightest bit interested in nature and photography, you need to visit the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 exhibition at the Chavonnes Battery Museum.

New Year’s Eve in Cape Town

Where will you be on New Year’s Eve? From dinners to comedy shows to all-night parties, there ae plenty of ways and places to welcome in 2016 in Cape Town.

Relax and Revive at Mangwanani Spa in Cape Town

My morning at Mangwanani Spa at The Cullinan left me looser than freshly cooked spaghetti and more relaxed than a postal worker on a dog-free street.

Road closures for HSBC Sevens Rugby

The Sevens Rugby tournament is about to kick-off in Cape Town and undoubtedly, it will affect traffic in and around the stadium area. Here are all the road closures you need to be aware of.

Get into the Christmas spirit in Cape Town

In case you’re not yet feeling the Christmas spirit, here are some ways to get the festive feeling.

Tips to have a seamless summer in Cape Town

If you’re coming to Cape Town this summer and are not quite sure what to expect, we have a handy guide to help you enjoy your holiday without any snags, hitches or hiccups. From getting around the Mother City to predicting the weather, we want you to leave wanting to come back for more.

Where to eat this Christmas

Christmas lunch and dinner can sometimes be a mission to prepare. Don’t feel like cooking? No worries. We’ve got you covered with this list of where to have Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch in Cape Town.


There is no tonic to beat the spontaneous belly laughter of a group of 5 year olds and I was lucky enough to get a really good dose of it at the opening of the Magnet Theatre’s Early Years Festival that kicked off 2 December 2015.

A Paragliding Experience in Cape Town

I smile nervously at the camera as I prepare to set off at a shuffling run down the slopes of Signal Hill. My body is telling me not to jump, but my mind overrides it. Best decision ever.

Constantia Valley Delivers the Goods

Constantia is known as wine county, and for good reason, with a world class wine route made up by some of the top wine estates in the country. But the area has so much more to offer than just the fantastic wine and culinary delights, with ziplines, bike tracks, golf and much, much more on offer.

Titanic Sails Into Cape Town’s Waterfront

The Titanic has always held me in its thrall. The ill-fated voyage of the most famous ship in history is a story that you could not make up – complete with villains, heroes and ultimately tragedy. So when the Titanic Expo sailed into Cape Town this month, I was first in line to snap up a ticket.

Cape Town a top eco-friendly destination

International travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, has named Cape Town in its top five list of Eco-Friendly cities in the world and said it is at the “forefront of the continent’s green living movement”.

Hit the Mother City Trails with Scootours

If you’re looking for something new, something unique and something exciting, look no further, because your chariot awaits and it’s a scooter. But not just any scooter. These are scooters on steroids.

The Mount Nelson’s Long and Storied History

The Belmond Mount Nelson, affectionately known as ‘the Nellie’, or ‘the Pink Lady’ – the distinctive rosy hue was mixed specially for the hotel in the 1920s – has a fascinating history which dates back to when it was opened in March 1899.

Your Ultimate Summer Guide to Cape Town

The Mother City has shrugged off her winter coat and slipped into something a little sleeker as the summer months settle in. Get ready to kick off your shoes, sink your toes into the warm sands of the most beautiful city on earth and knock back a cocktail or two as we present your ultimate summer guide to Cape Town! It’s where to go and what to do this summer in the Mother City.

A magical City Sightseeing Sunsets Bus Ride

We get it. Sometimes a sunset is just a sunset. But in Cape Town, it is almost always something special. One of the best ways to see and experience this is with City Sightseeing and on their sunset bus.

Cape Town through the eyes of Masterchef Season 6 winner, Brent Owens

Season 6 Masterchef winner, Brent Owens, was recently in Cape Town to taste, live and love this city. Here’s what he got up to during his stay here.

A Haunted Halloween in Cape Town

Cape Town is a breeding ground for tales of the macabre… sure, there might not be too many zombies – not in the traditional sense at least - and screaming prom queens, but ghosts? The Mother City is the oldest city in the country, so you can bet we got plenty of those. Here are some of our favourite places to spot the restless spirits haunting the city.

Two Flights Experience offered by The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

Someone once told me it’s important to have special treats, especially when one is busy. I’m a firm believer in taking time out for the good things in life, and the Two Flights Experience offered by The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa definitely fits that description.

Cape Town Restaurants Voted Best in Africa

Cape Town fine dining restaurant, The Test Kitchen, has topped TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for the best fine dining establishments in Africa.

Must-drink wines when in Cape Town

Cape Town and surrounds have such an incredible offering of wines that just looking at it can be quite overwhelming. We decided to put together a list of our favourites to help you enjoy the best the region has to offer. Of course all these wineries offer spectacular wines, but these are my favourites to keep your collection fresh and varied.

Shimansky offers a gem of an experience in Cape Town

The song goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. No argument there, because I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t like something with a nice sheen to it. But then they work pretty well for guys too, particularly when they’re trying to impress said girls by introducing them to their new BFF.

Radisson Blu Stands Tall on Cape Town’s water’s edge

For a city with such a magnificent coastline, there are surprisingly few five star hotels on the water’s edge, and even less that combine this with such convenient proximity to so many of Cape Town’s top tourist attractions. The Radisson Blu Waterfront is one that stands out amongst the crowd.

Top Braai Spots for Heritage Day

If there is one thing Capetonians are good at - other than socialising, of course - it’s braaing. Whether it’s meat or fish, you can be sure that on a spectacular summer’s day (or even on a winter’s day), you will find us gathered around the fire, enjoying each other’s company, the tantalising aroma of meat on the grill and our breathtaking city views.

Hope on Hopkins adds more variety to the Cape Town gin scene

THE gin floodgates have been opened in Cape Town. Not only do we have at least three dedicated gin bars and at least two locally produced tonic waters, but it’s becoming a popular spirit to distill with new brands emerging into the market all the time.

Travel like a local: Your neighbourhood guide to Green Point

Green Point is known to be the Soho of Cape Town thanks to its bustling nightlife, great restaurants and amazing coffee shops. But there is more to this neighbourhood than what meets the eye.

10 of the best bars and restaurants to watch the Rugby World Cup in Cape Town

Rugby in South Africa is close to religion. Acolytes of the game follow every tackle, pass and try with relentless fervour. This weekend marks the start of the latest Rugby World Cup and while the Springboks won’t be at home, Capetonians across the city will be descending on bars and pubs to watch all the Bokke games. Here are 10 of the best places in Cape Town to catch the rugby!

Take in the view of the Mother City from a helicopter

There are many ways to see Cape Town, but perhaps the best is from the air. The city is easy on the eye and every year visitors are drawn to its natural and man-made attractions. Whether it is the flat-topped Table Mountain with its thick, shimmering ‘table cloth’ or the Aerial Cableway that takes you to the top, the city is full of wonders.

Donald Greig Sculptures

The V&A Waterfront is home to many an interesting shop, great restaurants and quite a few museums. There are also many different places where you can pick up a truly unique item to take home or give as a gift. One such place is Donald Greig Sculptures.

10 fun and pocket-friendly ways to relax in Cape Town

It’s about that time of year when we’re all feeling a little under pressure. More than half the year has flown by and we’ve worked our tooshies off juggling work, family and friends. It’s getting a bit stressful. Here are 10 fun and unique ways to recharge your batteries in and around Cape Town. These are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised for the next part of the year.