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What’s new in Cape Town

The festive season in Cape Town saw quite a few newbies pop up in the city, much to our delight. Here is a list of the latest and greatest in food, fashion and frozen yoghurt.

Bree: Cape Town’s hippest street

What’s fast becoming known as the hippest street in Cape Town, Bree Street is where you will find a hive of artisan activity. And if you’re a food lover, there’s plenty to sample here too, from burgers to gourmet pizza, craft beer and cupcakes. As one of the main arteries of the city, this street is building a reputation as the retail, culinary and design centre of the city. Here is a list of just a few of the gems:

2012 E-Tourism Summit speakers talk about why they #LoveCapeTown

The 5th annual E-Tourism Summit, held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from September 13 to 14, 2012, attracted hundreds of delegates and top key note speakers to the inspirational Cape Town.

Cape Town’s Hottest Cocktail Spots

The lingering hours of summer sunlight in Cape Town give us plenty of time to celebrate the “sundowner”.  We list a few of the best spots for enjoying the “cocktail season” in Cape Town.

A new lease on nightlife in Cape Town

With December comes a whole lot of partying, as the Mother City celebrates the longer days and warmer nights that summer offers. We can look forward to a few new additions to the night circuit, with more to come, soon, so watch this space.

Ten reasons to love winter in Cape Town

While winter has a tendency to drive locals into hibernation, there is so much more to this city than your four walls at home. Here are 10 reasons to get out there and love winter in the Mother City..

Trinity in Green Point brings clubbing revival to Cape Town

After three years in the making, Trinity in Green Point has opened its doors to the public. Now that these Bennett Street doors open, they certainly won’t be closing – not until 04h00 every night of the week, that is. I attended the launch party last week and can’t remember when I last saw so many partygoers out on Wednesday night. Every nook and cranny of the club was teeming with beautiful people.

Cast your vote for Table Mountain

Photo courtesy Damien du Toit With Cape Town in the global spotlight after the World Cup, what better way to celebrate than to have Table Mountain named a New7Wonder of Nature? Many visitors who pour through our city have heard of Table Mountain before their arrival, but seeing it firsthand keeps the Mother City firmly planted in their hearts. While Capetonians might take our surrounds for granted at times, it is the mountain that grounds us and keeps nature tangibly part of everyday life in the city.

“Spring It On” Constantia

While summer feels like it is well and truly here, there are still rumours of a slight chill expected before the official arrival of summer in November. What then is one to do with October? One could call it the brief and fleeting spring season; where the itch to remove the winter layers and revel in the sun is equally matched by the need to cuddle up by the fire during bouts of rain and wind. Constantia Valley. Photo courtesy Robert Wallace