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My unexpected winter experiences in Cape Town

Winter in Cape Town can bite to the bone. With the beaches looking grey and thoughts of hot water bottles and hot chocolate in the air, there are still a few activities that you can get up to in the Mother City.

Cape Town’s street art – a gallery for all

Every day I pass a large mural on a dilapidated building on Albert Road in Woodstock. It is a painting of two Zimbabwean men, Juma and Willard, with the quote, “Inspire ourselves to inspire each other.” I read this message every day and in return, it inspires me. Street art is for everyone without the pretence of a gallery – it belongs to everyone and no one.

Woodstock – a creative hub

Over the past 10 years, the creative scene has crept eastwards, from the heart of Long Street towards the East City district into Woodstock. Young artists and collectives are taking root in the city’s more industrial areas and breathing new life into them.