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Cape Town tuk-tuk taxis: ride in style from R25

Who needs four wheels when you can have three? Cape Town’s newest transport service, The Monarch Tuksi Company, recently launched a fleet of 20 brand new tuk-tuks to operate across the City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard. Tuk-tuks are usually associated with cities in Asia and parts of Europe, but they are already causing quite a stir among tourists and locals in the Mother City.

Music videos filmed in Cape Town

Cape Town has long inspired the arts – either in song, or by capturing the beautiful scenery and inhabitants of the place. In the world of music videos, there is no shortage of examples of the Mother City’s stunning visuals.

Free New Year’s Eve parties in Cape Town

Did you blow the budget this festive season? Is your new year’s resolution to save some pennies? Why not start a day earlier and celebrate New Year’s Eve on the cheap? Here are some smart ways to have a fab, free evening.

Cape Argus 2013: Photos from the finish line

It was a photo finish for the men’s race in this year’s Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, with mere milliseconds separating the first group of cyclists. There was also plenty of other action at the finish line this morning – check out the photos here.

Places to avoid the south-easter in Cape Town

Between October and March, the south-easterly wind blows through Cape Town, clearing up the city’s air and taking the edge off the summer heat.

Liverpool FC confirmed for Cape Town fixture

Cape Town Stadium has seen plenty of action since it was opened in time for the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa, and this week it was confirmed that the venue will also host English Premiership League team Liverpool FC. Update: The City of Cape Town announced on Friday, May 10 that the match had been cancelled.

City Sightseeing Canal Cruise

Cape Town’s famous open-top bus tours have long been known as one of the best ways to see the Mother City. Now, City Sightseeing Cape Town offers canal cruises from the V&A Waterfront to the Cape Town International Convention Centre and back, providing an interesting insight into the city’s waterways, and some stunning views to boot.

Facebook Feedback Friday: the best place to take the kids during the school holidays

School’s out! It’s holiday time, and while we know about plenty of fun activities in Cape Town to keep the kids entertained, we wanted to hear from you too. We asked the fans of our Facebook page, I ♥ Cape Town, “Where’s the best place to take the kids during the holidays?” Here are some of the suggestions.

Cape Town bus routes: MyCiTi now servicing Walmer Estate and Salt River

There are many ways to get around in Cape Town, and catching the bus is just one of them. This week, a new route through Salt River and Walmer Estate was added to the MyCiTi service.

Cape Town – then and now

Local photographer and panorama fundi Paul Bruins recently contacted us about a great project he was involved in – recreating a panorama of the Cape Town city centre, as it was captured back in 1884! Here’s Paul’s story.

Cape Town summer weather: why so many Northern hemisphere residents come for six months

Cape Town is a popular destination for expats, who have decided to leave their country of origin and head for warmer climes – we look at some of the reasons why expats choose to call Cape Town home.

Parties in Cape Town: A Long Street photo essay

Long Street is the place to be for Cape Town’s buzzing nightlife. With a wide variety of bars, pubs and clubs, there’s something for everyone. Whether you are there to dance the night away among a crowd of revellers, or if you’re looking for a laid-back restaurant to see off 2012, Cape Town comes out to play in Long Street. If you plan to head there this evening, be sure to stay safe and have a good time!

Cape Town makes TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Travelers’ Choice list

TripAdvisor has listed Cape Town as one of its Top 25 Travelers’ Choice World Destinations, as part of its 2013 Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards.

Struggle heroes honoured in Cape Town road name changes

South Africa’s long and painful history under apartheid is well known, and its legacy is one that the country is still dealing with today. This past Saturday, Freedom Day, celebrated 19 years of democracy and the historic 1994 general election, which saw the end of apartheid rule.

Cape Town Pride Parade 2013 photos and video

The week-long Cape Town Pride Festival, which celebrates and highlights the city’s proud lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community, culminated in a parade through the streets of Green Point on Saturday morning.

Harlem Shake Cape Town: the best videos

The Harlem Shake was an Internet phenomenon that came and went last week, getting hundreds of bored office workers up out of their seats and dancing in a most ridiculous fashion. Check out the best Cape Town ones here.

Skrillex in Cape Town

Cape Town’s reputation for hosting some of the best live international music acts is steadily growing, as the recent announcement of a South African tour by dubstep DJ Skrillex proves. Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) has helped bring dubstep into the mainstream. While some characterise his music as the soundtrack to an alien invasion crossed with an army of angry robots, he has proven wildly popular in the past few years, with his latest album selling over a million copies.

Walking Tour of Cape Town audio-guide app – review

If you’ve ever been on a City Sightseeing Bus in Cape Town, you’ll know about the audio commentary that plays as you approach various attractions around the city. You simply sit back, plug in your earphones, and enjoy listening to interesting and informative tour guides as they talk you through the history, significance and little-known facts of the Mother City. Well, imagine that same concept, but applied to a much smaller scale – a walk around Cape Town’s City Bowl and surrounds.

Lightning storm over Cape Town – striking photos

A few months ago we shared some amazing photos of lightning strikes over Cape Town on our Facebook page. We got in touch with the photographer, Glenn Kasner, to find out more about the story behind the pictures. Here’s what Glenn had to say…

Cape Town on a budget: places to eat

Cape Town offers something for everyone’s wallet. We’ve mentioned the affordable accommodation in the Mother City, recommended places to take your loved one for a romantic picnic, and shared some great ideas for a night out that won’t break the bank. But when hunger strikes, where do you turn?

City Sightseeing couple hop off, get engaged

Clouds were in the sky and love was in the air on Table Mountain, when two City Sightseeing passengers got engaged.

Urban farming in Cape Town

Population growth, rapid urbanisation, scarce food resources and environmental concerns have forced cities around the world to think about their future in innovative ways. A non-profit project in the Cape Town suburb of Oranjezicht looks to address some of these concerns – by starting a farm in the city.

Enjoying Cape Town scenery at the 2011 Cape Argus Cycle Tour

The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour is one of the most scenic road races in the world.

Facebook Feedback Friday: Your favourite markets in Cape Town

Every Thursday afternoon we pose a question to our Facebook followers at I ♥ Cape Town. We want to know what you love about Cape Town, and we take some of the best responses and post them on our blog. Yesterday we asked you: “Where is your favourite market in Cape Town?” Here’s what some of you had to say ...

Virgin Atlantic: Daily flights from London to Cape Town

Summer is returning to Cape Town, and so are direct flights from London with Virgin Atlantic. Flights will depart London thrice weekly until October 31, 2012, and then daily from November 1, 2012 until April 2013.

Facebook Feedback Friday: The best scenic drives in Cape Town

Yesterday, we asked the fans of our Facebook page, I ♥ Cape Town: “What is the best scenic drive in Cape Town?”

Mandela released from prison 23 years ago today

Twenty-three years ago today, ANC leader Nelson Mandela stood triumphantly on the balcony of the City Hall, a free man after spending 27 years in jail. He would go on to help forge hard-won freedom for all South Africans.

Facebook Feedback Friday: Your favourite ‘phuza Thursday’ spot in Cape Town

Yesterday evening we asked people who like the I ♥ Cape Town Facebook page: “Where is your favourite ‘phuza Thursday’ spot in Cape Town?” (Phuza is the Zulu word for “drink”.) Check out some of the responses here.

Facebook Feedback Friday: your best live music venues in Cape Town

Every Thursday afternoon we pose a question to our Facebook followers at I ♥ Cape Town. We want to know what you love about Cape Town, and we’ll take some of the best responses and post them collectively on our blog. Yesterday we asked you: “Where is the best live music venue in Cape Town?” Here’s what some of you had to say ...

Luxury vehicles, scenic drives – Cape Town has both!

Cape Town is already one of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by unparalleled natural scenery. So what happens when you add one of the greatest feats of human engineering and design, and let it loose on the roads around the Mother City? A jolly fun morning, I’d say.