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Cape Town official King of the Castle with eight Blue Flag beaches

The Mother City officially boasts the highest number of Blue Flag beaches in South Africa, with all of the city’s eight submissions having received the coveted international accolade.

Howzit bru? Let’s waai possie and gooi a dop (and other strange South Africanisms)

A truly laduma moment. Photo courtesy colm.mcmullan Officially, South Africa has 11 languages, second only to India, with 22. Many more languages are spoken in the country besides, from Greek to Gujarati and a number of local creoles and pidgins. There are, however, some sayings that are commonly used and understood across our country, despite (or perhaps because of) its polyglot nature. Here’s a brief introduction to some South Africanisms adapted from local languages.

South African music – redefining traditional genres

Prime Circle. Photo courtesy Steve Crane The music of South Africa is as diverse as the colours of her rainbow nation. From hip-hop to hard rock and electro-jazz to Afro-fusion, traditional genres have been melded to create unique sounds that reflect the influence of her multi-cultural peoples.

The sky’s the limit!

Photo courtesy gogap The clear, blue skies above Cape Town lend themselves to a variety of exciting activities, from helicopter flips and plane rides to paragliding, skydiving and microlighting. There’s surely no better way of catching a bird’s-eye view of the entire Mother City – from her beautiful mountains to her stunning beaches.

Haselbacher wins Wellington stage of Giro del Capo

Rene Haselbacher. Photo courtesy Tony Rocha Austrian rider, Rene Haselbacher, won the first 106km stage of the 2010 Pick n Pay Cape Argus Giro del Capo invitational cycling event, held in Wellington yesterday. Haselbacher represents Team Safindit.co.za. Team Medscheme’s Malcolm Lange came in second, followed by Burry Stander of Team Specialized.

Fresh Cape farm produce

Cape Town markets are well known for their fresh produce. Photo courtesy mallix Why not turn weekend drudgery into an al fresco breakfast and family outing, surrounded by the beauty of the Cape outdoors?