Sea Point

The well-known Cape Town suburb of Seapoint. Photo courtesy of Natalie Roos

urban hub at the edge of the atlantic

Sea Point offers visitors a variety of pubs, music clubs, coffee shops, restaurants and a lovely promenade along which to walk.

Characterised by high-rise, luxury apartments, Sea Point offers urban entertainment in an atmosphere reminiscent of the Big Apple. With a host of pubs, music clubs, coffee shops and restaurants along the Main Road, Sea Point’s vibrant nightlife creates a carnival atmosphere for visitors and locals alike.

eat and exersice in the suburb by the sea

Once you’ve partied all night, Sea Point has a range of places to eat, ranging from relaxed sidewalk cafés to more upmarket establishments.

If the rich food and partying are getting to you, the Sea Point Promenade runs the length of the Sea Point beach front, from Bantry Bay to Mouille Point, and is a great spot for a quiet stroll or an energetic jog. Early morning and evening are particularly nice times. Cycling and skateboarding are also permitted along the promenade.

Benches along the beach front provide an ideal place to rest while taking in the stunning views of the sea. There are also a number of children’s playgrounds running the length of the promenade as well as a chlorinated, sea-water swimming pool complex open to the public at the Sea Point Pavilion. The view from the pools is spectacular, out over the Atlantic Ocean.

The swimming pool complex at the Pavilion has two children’s pools, a diving pool, and an Olympic-sized pool. It is open every day from 9am to 5pm. The Sea Point Pavilion is situated on Beach Road, +27 (0)21 434 3341.

While the beaches are not ideal for swimming, they provide nice spots for relaxing on the white sand in the sun, or for a paddle or photo opportunity.

  • Phone: +27 (0)21 434 3341
  • Physical Address: Beach Road, Sea Point

Cape Town Carnival

The Cape Town Carnival is a glamorous celebration of African identity, diverse communities and cultures, and the transformative power of creativity.

15 March 2014 will see the 5th Cape Town Carnival explode onto the Fanwalk in Greenpoint , Cape Town. With over 2 000 costumed performers, a spectacular parade of giant floats and live musicians, it’s an experience you simply can’t miss.

Mzoli's Place

Mzoli’s Place, situated just outside Cape Town in the township of Gugulethu , is known for its vibrant parties, diverse patronage and, of course, its signature meat.

Long Street

If you’re looking for fun vibes and an excuse to stay out all night, visit Long Street, party capital of the Mother City.

Sea Point

Sea Point offers visitors a variety of pubs, music clubs, coffee shops, restaurants and a lovely promenade along which to walk.


Larry Nkwentsha


I believe Seapoint is the best looking CBD region in Cape Town. A majority of people including photographers focus their attention on the Table Mountain, whilst the view from off-shore facing Seapoint offers expectular views. Look the the explosive white buildings neslting on the Lion's Ramp, look at that view. It can also be good when Cape Towns is green.

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