Mzoli's Place

Mzoli's Place. Photo courtesy Julian Knutzen

A meat-lovers dream

Enjoy good food and great company at Mzoli's Place. Photo courtesy of Wayne Taylor

Mzoli’s Place, situated just outside Cape Town in the township of Gugulethu, is known for its vibrant parties, diverse patronage and, of course, its signature meat.

Kwa-Mzoli, as locals call it, is the ideal place to introduce oneself to township culture, the friendly people, big personalities, street fashion and the partying that never stops.

A taste of local culture

Mzoli's Place is the perfect spot to visit to experience a taste of township life. Photo courtesy of Cape Town Tourism

Incorrectly referred to as a shebeen because alcohol is also consumed there, Mzoli’s Place started as a butchery with a shisa nyama (a local term used to describe an informal barbecue at a butchery), but has expanded to include live entertainment, music and a bar. If you are on the lookout for the latest and hottest South African acts, then Mzoli’s Place is your destination. Well-known DJs and bands regularly play there and it is the after-party venue for many of the cultural happenings in Cape Town.

Bring and braai

The highlight of Mzoli’s Place, however, is the meat, which is braaied (barbecued) on the premises with its signature secret mix of herbs and spices. Patrons need to bring their own beverages, crockery and cutlery. Mzoli’s provides the meat and the excellent party atmosphere and you bring the rest.

Sunday funday

There's no need to bring and braai at Mzoli's Place, which doubles as a butchery. Photo courtesy of Cape Town Tourism

Mzoli’s Place is a great spot to end off your week. Sundays are usually the best days to go, as the music is live and the locals happy. Get there early as the queues usually wind around the block and parking is limited. Book a shuttle directly from your accommodation; it’s convenient and will definitely be needed after all the alcohol you’ll probably consume!

Bookings for large groups are essential. Contact Mzoli’s Place on +27 (0)21 638 1355. Visit Mzoli’s Meat on Facebook

Check out our blog for some awesome pics and a first-hand account of a Mzoli’s experience.


  • Phone: +27 (0)21 638 1355
  • Physical Address: NY 115, Shop 3
    Cape Town

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Mzoli's Place

Mzoli’s Place, situated just outside Cape Town in the township of Gugulethu , is known for its vibrant parties, diverse patronage and, of course, its signature meat.

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Saskia Johnson


Amazing... Its the place to be



Awesome place for an Awesome time with Awesome People!!!!



awome place for any celebration

Cherelle Charles


I had a lovely time. I really did like the diversity and great vibes

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