Lion's Head

Lion's Head is a popular hiking spot. Photo courtesy of warrenski

Rising 669m above sea level, Lion's Head, a popular hiking spot, is unmistakably part of Cape Town's skyline. Driving on the N2 into the city centre, you can clearly see why it's called Lion's Head – look to your right; Signal Hill forms the rump, the space in between the body of what could be a crouching feline.

With every full moon people trek up the mountain to experience another of Cape Town's dimensions: the city by moonlight – the thousands of flickering lights create a magical atmosphere. 

During the day, one can view most of the city's suburbs on one side, and on the other is the Atlantic seaboard, with Robben Island – where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years – in the distance.

The mountain is not only a photographer's delight, but it is also a launching pad for adventure activities such as paragliding and hang-gliding.


A view of the Mother City in all her sparkling glory. Photo courtesy of College of William & Mary

The slopes of Lion's Head are a popular launching spot for paragliders. Photo courtesy of Ballacorkish

A great place from which to view the beautiful city of Cape Town. Photo courtesy of Steve Crane

The Alpaca Loom

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Martin Melck House

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Langaro Lifestyle Centre

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Robben Island Art Co & Trust - SunStar

As a new day dawns a light shines from the southernmost tip of Africa. As evening sets that light shines even brighter. This is no mere sun. This is a beacon of hope. We are proud to present SunStar. An iconic art installation forged from the repurposed fence that surrounded Robben Island.


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