Crayfish, mussels and seafood

Seafood is a Cape Town speciality. Photo © Cape Town Tourism

Cape Town is, without doubt, a seafood-lover’s haven. From choice Cape West Coast lobsters (crayfish), to fresh fish and mussels, seafood restaurants are as plentiful as the kelp fronds that line the seashore. The recent popularity of sushi has also led to a wide selection of sushi bars specialising in this Oriental favourite.

Make sure the seafood you want to buy and eat is not on the list of endangered species. Text (or SMS) the name of the fish to +27 (0)79 499 8795 and you will receive an answer within seconds.

This service, a world first, is provided by the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI). The SMS is charged at standard cellular rates.

Some of the more noteworthy restaurants that serve a variety of ocean fare are:

Sushi lovers should try:

If you’re a seafood lover who prefers hand-picking crayfish from under the rocky crevices of the cold Atlantic coastline, then the Blaauwberg coast and Cape Peninsula are two of the better dive spots.

Crayfish diving is permitted between 15 November and 15 April. The Cape Point Nature Reserve, Kommetjie and close to Boulders Beach, are also favoured crayfish haunts, but please note that permits are required.

If you’d prefer a guided day-long dive outing to Cape Point or another spot, contact Cape Town Tourism on +27 (0)21 487 6800 or for a list of accredited dive operators, and ask the organisation to book your trip at no extra charge. Cape Town Tourism can also suggest good city restaurants that specialise in seafood.

See our entry on scuba diving in Cape Town for more information on catching your own seafood!

Freshly-caught crayfish being offloaded at the Hout Bay harbour. Photo courtesy of SA-venues

Seafood lunch with a view at the Ocean Basket at the V&A Waterfront. Photo courtesy of DanieVDM

Buyel'Embo Village

This cultural village aims to remind us of our origin and serves as the reservoir for African knowledge pertaining to nature and traditions, giving us an opportunity to celebrate who we are through music (wonderful sounds from live bands) or from its’ distinct fineness of cuisine, topped up with African (local) arts and crafts.

Cape Town Carnival

The Cape Town Carnival is a glamorous celebration of African identity, diverse communities and cultures, and the transformative power of creativity.

15 March 2014 will see the 5th Cape Town Carnival explode onto the Fanwalk in Greenpoint , Cape Town. With over 2 000 costumed performers, a spectacular parade of giant floats and live musicians, it’s an experience you simply can’t miss.

Braai and Camping

Hot summer sun, extra long days and warm nights, sun-kissed skin and time to spend with loved ones; summer in Cape Town is the ideal time to get outdoors and enjoy getting closer to the spectacular nature that is within minutes from the bustling city.

!Khwa Ttu, San Culture and Education Centre

!Khwa ttu, the San Education and Culture Centre, 70 km north-west of Cape Town offers you the unique experience of being introduced to the world of the descendants of the first indigenous people of southern Africa.

Lion's Head

Rising 669m above sea level, Lion’s Head, a popular hiking spot, is unmistakably part of Cape Town’s skyline. Driving on the N2 into the city centre, you can clearly see why it’s called Lion’s Head – look to your right; Signal Hill forms the rump, the space in between the body of what could be a crouching feline.


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