Cape Point Partnership

At the most south-westerly point of Africa, where cliffs appear to tumble into the ocean, lies a very special place – the Cape Point Nature Reserve. The point is also known as the Cape of Storms, so named by explorer Bartolomeu Dias. 

The Cape Point Nature Reserve is home to baboons, zebras, wild buck and one of the oldest lighthouses in South Africa.

A nature lover's and maritime history buff's delight, the reserve is run by the Cape Point Partnership, forms part of the Table Mountain National Park and belongs to a World Heritage Site.

There are many things to do at Cape Point, including taking a trip on the Flying Dutchman funicular railway to the top of the point.

Steps leading up to the lighthouse at Cape Point. Photo courtesy of gcraig3si

Baboons, a protected species, are one of the animals that live at Cape Point. Photo courtesy of stillingen





Martin Melck House

Martin Melck House is one of the oldest colonial homes in South Africa named after its first owner. Its history is intimately entwined with that of Cape Town itself.

Langaro Lifestyle Centre

Langaro Lifestyle Centre offers a professional, trendy, upmarket environment where your wants and needs come first. We strive to offer you only the best service to help enhance your appearance as well as provide you with the necessary expertise to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Robben Island Art Co & Trust - SunStar

As a new day dawns a light shines from the southernmost tip of Africa. As evening sets that light shines even brighter. This is no mere sun. This is a beacon of hope. We are proud to present SunStar. An iconic art installation forged from the repurposed fence that surrounded Robben Island.

The River Club Golf & Conference Centre

The River Club Golf and Conference Centre is the perfect combination of leisure and business. Recently acquired by the innovative team who brought you The Old Biscuit Mill, The Woodstock Exchange and the Daddy Hotels,  The River Club has had an exciting make-over and a new look is ready to be revealed. The River Club is back on the map and open for business. Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Cape Town central or Claremont, The River Club also offers plenty of safe parking.

Museum of Gems & Jewellery


This unique museum project takes visitors on a journey from when diamonds first began to form three billion years ago and their 150 km journey to the surface, following the unique path of South African diamonds from their origin in extinct volcanoes to the deposits along our coastline.  Learn about unique and rare gemstones, and see how jewellery has changed through thousands of years.  The story about South Africa’s mineral wealth is told, not only for diamonds, but also for our Platinum and Gold deposits.


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