Bo-Kaap Cultural and Heritage Gateway

Many Muslims, descendents of slaves from Java, Batavia, Malaysia and parts of Asia, live in the historical Bo-Kaap. With its steep cobbled streets leading to the slopes of Signal Hill, the oldest mosque in Cape Town and where a number of Muslim slaves are buried, there is a distinct village-like atmosphere.

Muslim women were often employed in the kitchens of their Dutch masters, where they experimented with Dutch food, adding exotic spices like cloves, cinnamon and allspice. This evolved into Cape cuisine, which can be further broken down into traditional Afrikaner and Cape Malay styles.

Many of the men were skilled tradesmen and their works can still be seen in the architecture of Cape Town.

The views of the city and the ocean are worth the trek up the cobbled streets.

You can experience the Bo-Kaap through walking tours, food and craft markets, home stays, home-cooked meals and Cape Malay cooking classes.


The Bo-Kaap still has original cobbled streets. Photo courtesy of Julyinireland

Colourful houses are a common sight. Photo courtesy of MsRuby

Buyel'Embo Village

This cultural village aims to remind us of our origin and serves as the reservoir for African knowledge pertaining to nature and traditions, giving us an opportunity to celebrate who we are through music (wonderful sounds from live bands) or from its’ distinct fineness of cuisine, topped up with African (local) arts and crafts.

Cape Town Carnival

The Cape Town Carnival is a glamorous celebration of African identity, diverse communities and cultures, and the transformative power of creativity.

15 March 2014 will see the 5th Cape Town Carnival explode onto the Fanwalk in Greenpoint , Cape Town. With over 2 000 costumed performers, a spectacular parade of giant floats and live musicians, it’s an experience you simply can’t miss.

Braai and Camping

Hot summer sun, extra long days and warm nights, sun-kissed skin and time to spend with loved ones; summer in Cape Town is the ideal time to get outdoors and enjoy getting closer to the spectacular nature that is within minutes from the bustling city.

!Khwa Ttu, San Culture and Education Centre

!Khwa ttu, the San Education and Culture Centre, 70 km north-west of Cape Town offers you the unique experience of being introduced to the world of the descendants of the first indigenous people of southern Africa.

Lion's Head

Rising 669m above sea level, Lion’s Head, a popular hiking spot, is unmistakably part of Cape Town’s skyline. Driving on the N2 into the city centre, you can clearly see why it’s called Lion’s Head – look to your right; Signal Hill forms the rump, the space in between the body of what could be a crouching feline.


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