South African Naval Museum

An SA Naval Museum display. Image courtesy Danie van der Merwe

Located in historical Simon’s Town, the South African Naval Museum is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in maritime history.

The museum's extensive collection boasts uniforms, medals, weapons, charts, photographs and naval equipment displays that span the history of the South African Navy and its antecedents, the Cape Colony and Natal Volunteer Reserves.

The museum also hosts Africa’s first exhibit on board a submarine. The SAS Assegaai is a Daphné-class submarine acquired from France in the 1970s, which was decommissioned as a working submarine in 2003 and currently serves as a floating museum. Visitors are guided through the submarine by experienced submariners, who provide a fascinating glimpse into life aboard these vessels.

Extra info

SA Naval Museum

Telephone: +27 (0)21 787 4686                                               
Museum hours: 10h00 to 16h00 daily. (Closed on Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday.)

SAS Assegaai

Bookings:  +27 (0)21 786 5243/

SAS Assegaai operates between 10h30 and 15h00 from December to June, and between 11h30 and 14h30 from July to November. Submarine tours run seven days a week. Bookings can be made at the HGTS office at Simon’s Town Station or the Stadco office on Jubilee Square.

Museum of Gems & Jewellery


This unique museum project takes visitors on a journey from when diamonds first began to form three billion years ago and their 150 km journey to the surface, following the unique path of South African diamonds from their origin in extinct volcanoes to the deposits along our coastline.  Learn about unique and rare gemstones, and see how jewellery has changed through thousands of years.  The story about South Africa’s mineral wealth is told, not only for diamonds, but also for our Platinum and Gold deposits.

Buyel'Embo Village

This cultural village aims to remind us of our origin and serves as the reservoir for African knowledge pertaining to nature and traditions, giving us an opportunity to celebrate who we are through music (wonderful sounds from live bands) or from its’ distinct fineness of cuisine, topped up with African (local) arts and crafts.

Braai and Camping

Hot summer sun, extra long days and warm nights, sun-kissed skin and time to spend with loved ones; summer in Cape Town is the ideal time to get outdoors and enjoy getting closer to the spectacular nature that is within minutes from the bustling city.

Cape Town Diamond Museum

Diamonds were formed three billion years ago by molecular-changing heat of around 1 300 °C, deep within the Earth’s crust. If you didn’t know that, then you have not been to the Cape Town Diamond Museum.

Castle Military Museum

The Castle Military Museum is housed in the oldest building in South Africa, the Castle of Good Hope. It is a tribute to the brave regiments of the past, providing an insight into the political history of the country and celebrating the rich military history of the Cape.


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