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Zip Zap School of Circus Arts

Circus, photo courtesy Tom Smith

Flying trapeze - with the greatest of ease!

If the sight of trapeze artists arcing to and fro over a gasping crowd gets your adrenalin going, pay a visit to the Zip Zap School of Circus Arts.

Juggling act

At Founders Garden, Jan Smuts Street, Cape Town, you’ll find aspirant young circus trainees putting in hours of practice to achieve the skills needed to showcase their talents to the public. These include juggling, unicycle, lunatrics, tumbling and trapeze, to name a few. 

It’s a circus out there!

Zip Zap is a non-profit organisation with public benefit status whose aim is to hire out circus acts to clients as a way of empowering circus students and supporting the Zip Zap school. Their skills are sought after for corporate events, fundraisers, parties, schools, fairs, exhibitions, commercials, stunt work, and rigging.

All about the children

Apart from corporate sponsorship, all of Zip Zap’s income is earned by the performances put on by the children. Apart from performing, the children are also involved in script writing, directing, rigging, sound and costumes. An outreach programme involves working with HIV-positive children by means of weekly workshops.


Zip Zap’s mission is to provide innovative, cutting-edge professional training and entertainment which enables the youth to fulfill their potential and contribute towards the building of a healthy nation. The school is open seven days a week and is free of charge. Youths aged 12-16 train after school and over weekends and on public holidays, while younger children play in the tent from 10h00-14h00.

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Living Room

Living Room is an upmarket and sophisticated multi leveled entertainment venue.

Mavericks Revue Bar

Mavericks Revue Bar is South Africa’s Premier Gentlemen’s Club. It is upmarket entertainment venue, where men and women alike enjoy five bars and lounges that appeal to every taste and pocket. Whether you’re looking for a big night out, a meal with business associates, or a quiet relaxed, drink, over 80 beautiful dancers from every corner of the globe are waiting to entertain you. Take in a stage show, or request a more personal experience. Ask your concierge to book you a prime spot at Mavericks and experience the most enjoyable night you’ll have had on your travels.

Newlands Brewery

Newlands Brewery is the oldest operating brewery in South Africa. Originally called the Mariendahl Brewery, and later the Ohlssons Cape Brewery, it was founded on its current site in 1820 and has established a brewing tradition of quality and excellence that still continues.

Amphitheatre, V&A Waterfront

The Amphitheatre located at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is a good spot for live entertainment from concerts to creative workshops and puppet shows.

Cape Town International Convention Centre

The Cape Town International Convention Centre is the ideal venue for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, concerts and other big events. The centre takes up 6.1ha on the city’s Foreshore and is within easy reach of the V&A Waterfront, major hotels and the rest of the city centre.


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