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surf your way around the city

If you’ve always harboured a desire to master the art of surfing, a holiday in Cape Town is the ideal time to learn this enjoyable sport. The city offers the most highly concentrated number of surf spots in South Africa. There are about 50 spots within an hour’s drive of the city, some of which are top-secret and only known to the serious surfing fraternity, so be sure to make friends when you're in the area! The largest concentration of breaks lies on the west side of the Cape Peninsula facing the Atlantic Ocean. The others line the Indian Ocean coastline in the east.

small waves and massive swell

Beginners are advised to visit Muizenberg and Big Bay, where conditions are optimal for learning to surf. For some inspiration you might like to call in at some of these beaches to watch the professionals at work: Llandudno, the Hoek, Hout Bay, Glen Beach, Dunes, Long Beach, Crayfish Factory, and Kalk Bay Reef, among others.

If you’ve decided that now is a perfect time to learn to surf, sign up with one of our accredited surf schools. We are always ready to recommend the best schools and beaches based on your level of experience (or lack thereof).

Cape Town Tourism has a list of accredited surf schools. Contact us on +27 (0)21 487 6800 or email to book your surfing lesson at no extra charge, or have a look at our registered tour operators offering surfing.


Dine-with-a-Local is an exciting alternative to eating out in regular Cape Town restaurants and is not only passionate about local cuisine. Our passion also carries through to the visitors received in the culturally diverse South Africa.


Kite surfing is exploding in popularity all over the world and with its combo of consistent winds and perfect spots Cape Town, which is known as Mecca to Kitesurfers, is THE place to find out what the craze is all about.

With lessons running daily from our international team of experienced and qualified instructors we will have you up and riding safely in no time at all, people of all ages can learn!

Cape Town Watersports

Feel Like a Local… Not a Tourist

Cape Town has become one of the world’s top watersports destinations. People come for windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing and stand up paddle boarding and because it’s a great place to bring the family.

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Wavejet Rental SA

WaveJet’s are battery powered boards with jet propulsion allowing you to cruise around in the water at a touch of a button. Surfing on a WaveJet is easier because of the stability and forward motion of the board. It also allows you to catch so many more waves by not having to paddle out. Just push a button on your bluetooth wrist controller and let the WaveJet do the work for you. All you need to do is just enjoy riding waves.


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