Newlands Brewery

Photo courtesy Newlands Brewery.

Newlands Brewery Tour
SAB (South African Breweries) is one of Cape Town and South Africa’s proudest success stories of international business and the entire story of the South African chapter of this global beer giant and the beer that built it can be explored with a wonderfully fun, entertaining and informative tour of the Newlands Brewery.
Give the beer a sporting chance
Nestled under the slopes of Table Mountain, in the suburb of Newlands and a lofted cover drive or drop kick away from the world famous Newlands cricket and rugby stadia, lies the nostalgic home of one of the world’s largest beer brewing companies and a state-of-the-art brewing facility.  

Cheers to Charles
A statue of Charles Glass – the man credited with brewing the first batch of the now iconic South African beer, Castle Lager, in 1889, stands as a proud observer of the modern brewing facility that has evolved as a result of his pioneering approach to beer all those years ago.  From a beer that refreshed miners at the time of the gold rush in Johannesburg to a global brand, you can explore the entire evolution of beer in South Africa on a Newlands Brewery Tour.

Book it
The tour takes you from the very beginnings of beer with informative guides who interpret images and paraphernalia from the past, and into the modern brewery where you can witness the entire brewing process unfold – from barley to bottle! 
Booking is essential to avoid disappointment (the most popular tours being on Friday’s and Saturday’s, so be sure to book well in advance for these days) and the tour costs R50 per person.  The tours run every day of the week, except for Sundays, and last for approximately 2 hours.  This includes about an hour of the actual brewery tour and a further hour to enjoy a beer tasting afterwards.  Be sure to set enough time aside for this fascinating tasting in the brewery’s own pub and allow enough time to enjoy your two complimentary beers.

Tour responsibly and have fun…
Don’t forget to have your designated driver or taxi lined up to take you home.  For an even more fun day out, why not take the Metro Rail train on the “Southern Suburbs Line” to the Newlands train station, which stops right outside the brewery?
For exact times of the tours, terms and conditions and to book, click here.

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