Mineral World – Scratch Patch

The Scratch Patch
There is no better explanation for the greatest draw card here than the one offered in the simplicity of the name, it is quite simply a delightful patch in which to scratch!  Not just any patch though, this vast patch with a stream following through the middle of it is filled to the brim with gloriously colourful and wonderfully smooth gemstones of all sizes and descriptions to scratch amongst.
Young and old love to scratch
Thousands of tumble-polished gemstones spread out like a deep river and generate a lot of excitement amongst children in particular.  It is not only for the little ones as it is amazing how therapeutic it can be to join in the hunt for that “special one”.  One pays a nominal fee to fill a variety of different sized containers.  For more information on the opening times and the various pricing structures visit www.scratchpatch.co.za

No itch to scratch, no problem

Should scratching not really be your thing, then leave the scratchers to scratch whilst you enjoy a coffee and a sandwich in full view of the squirrel-like action or browse the store for a wonderful gem of a keepsake.  The Scratch Patch is affiliated to Mineral World, a local producer of gemstone-based jewellery, souvenirs, ornaments and pendants all with an African flair.  These items are available for purchase from both the Scratch Patch sites.

Three to choose from, and golf in a cave
The original Scratch Patch in Simon’s Town offers a wonderfully informative tour of the onsite gemstone tumbling factory, Topstones.  Situated on the fringe of Simon’s Town, a visit here can be added to a generous list of things to do in this beautiful coastal town.  For those who prefer to scratch a little closer to Cape Town, gems can be found over-flowing at the V&A Waterfront’s incarnation of the out of town original.  This shop, a stone’s throw from world class shopping and other delights, offers much the same experience as the Simon’s Town incarnation, although the on-site factory tour is replaced by a unique and fun “cave golf” experience with the mini golf course tucked away in caves adjacent to the scratch patch.
For those who prefer to scratch with the world’s largest bird, the Cape Ostrich Farm an hour north of the city also offers a scratch patch experience.

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