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Greenmarket Square is probably Cape Town's best-known market. Photo courtesy DanieVDM

Cape Town is renowned for its markets and there are many to choose from.  Ask around and you will soon be directed to a market that suits your taste - be it foodie, holistic, antique or anything in between. Greenmarket Square and Milnerton Flea Market are just two of the most popular markets in the Mother City, but be sure to explore the others too

Worth A Visit

Other popular markets in Cape Town include:


The Greenmarket Square Market – it’s a market but it’s not only green

The Greenmarket Square market in the heart of Cape Town’s business district is, by some margin, the most renowned of the city’s markets.  Over its long and colourful history this market has seen slaves traded as well as fruit and vegetables offered for sale, and during the 1950s this beautiful part of the city was home to a humble parking lot.

Today Greenmarket Square is a lively and vibrant marketplace home to a huge variety of vendors offering just about everything a tourist’s heart desires.  Find clothing, glassware, hand-painted fabrics, footwear, music, sunglasses and a variety of African crafts sourced from Cape Town to Cairo.

Over and above all the shopping, there’s also a plethora of entertaining buskers, mime artists and jugglers to enjoy. Saturday mornings tend to be the most frenetic, but such is the popularity of this market, that any day (other than Sunday when its closed) is a good day to visit.

Surrounding the marketplace are a wonderful selection of coffee shops and restaurants offering – so take time out to sit at a sidewalk table and watch the world go by.
Monday to Saturday between 09h00 and 16h00, Burg Street between Longmarket and Shortmarket streets

Find it at:

Monday to Saturday between 09h00 and 16h00, Burg Street between Longmarket and Shortmarket streets

Milnerton Flea Market - a market with a mountain view

Milnerton Flea Market

Milnerton Flea Market is great for bric-a-brac. Photo supplied by Milnerton Flea Market

The most important thing to know about the Milnerton Flea Market is that it isn’t in Milnerton!  Although that is where the market began some years ago, it is now a bustling collection of over 200 stalls on Marine Drive (R27) no too far from its original home though.

This market is famous for the wide variety of used items on sale, ranging from humble domestic tools and utensils to bric-a-brac, collectables, militaria and antiques at bargain prices. A great selection of mobile food stalls and food trucks cater to every taste, and you can relax after a busy shopping spree with Table Mountain and Table Bay as your backdrop canvas.

The market is easily accessible and the broad walkways make it wheelchair, pram, child and animal friendly. There is ample seating to flop onto after when shopping fatigue hits.

Find it at:

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (excluding Christmas and Easter) from 07h00 to 15h00, weather permitting.

Directions: Take the N1 from Cape Town in the direction of Paarl, take Exit 4 onto the R27. After 3km the market is on the left.

Contact details:


Contact any Cape Town Tourism Visitor Information Centre to find out more about local markets.  Be they organic, holistic, antique, African or flea, there is bound to be a market for you somewhere in Cape Town.

  • Phone: +27 21 487 6800
  • Physical Address: Greenmarket Square: Between Longmarket and Shortmarket Streets, city centre
    Milnerton Flea Market: On Marine Drive (R27) opposite Metro Industrial Park, Paarden Eiland

Abseiling in Cape Town

For centuries, mankind has looked upon climbing, hiking and scaling Table Mountain, our wonder of nature as the ultimate challenges – until the discovery of the exhilarating activity, Abseiling, that is!

Diamonds and Jewellery

Diamonds and the associated jewellery are very much engrained in the history of South Africa, with many global diamond and metal mining giants originating here.

Adderley Street Flower Sellers

Freshly cut flowers – including fynbos species such as king and pincushion proteas, depending on the season – are available from the friendly flower sellers in Adderley Street, where this trade has operated for the past 100 years. These flowers are generally a lot cheaper than anywhere else.

Cape Town Comedy Club

Jou Ma Se Comedy Club changes name to Cape Town Comedy Club

Bugz Family Playpark

Bugz Family Playpark is one of the best family attractions in Cape Town. It is the largest playpark in Western Cape and has a huge outdoor playground and a magnificent indoor play area.


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