Local designer stores

Shine Shine duffel bag, photo courtesy Shine Shine

Local Designer Stores
Celebrated as the World Design Capital 2014, Cape Town has not only been recognized for its contribution to the world of design as a city but has been inspired to continue to be an active and productive contributor to the world of design.  An incredibly productive and most exciting area of growth in recent years in the design community in Cape Town has been the proliferation of local designer clothing stores.  Cape Town has a long history of clothing manufacture and there is an abundance of design and manufacture talent here in the city. 

Home Grown Skills
The transfer of much of the Cape’s textile manufacturing industry to countries in the East has seen many local craftspeople turn to design and retail offering a more bespoke, high end focused product.  The result is a vibrant and afro-centered local design collective with a wonderful array of products.  More often than not these products are manufactured locally using locally sourced materials.

Beautiful and Bespoke
These offerings are diverse and range from ceramics to fabrics, wallpapers to wedding gowns and everything in between.  Whilst there are plenty of high quality curio-focused offerings available across the city, the local designer stores tend to focus production following world fashion and design trends, and blazing trails in many cases.

Be seen wearing a Cape Town original
Be it a ceramic sculpture or a bikini, more and more of these locally produced products are popping up in the homes and on the bodies of the “who’s who” across the globe as Cape Town continues to enjoy celebrity as the playground of the rich and famous, and you of course!

Where to go local?
Many of these independent design stores have single outlets and can be found in the more creatively focused neighbourhoods of the city.  Lookout for these options in the CBD on Bree, Long and Loop Streets particularly.  De Waterkant, Bo Kaap, Woodstock and Salt River are also home to a wide range of design stores with some of the larger malls also carrying the more mainstream local designer offerings.

Cape Scenic Flights

We offer day VIP packages which include transport from/to hotel to private airfield, flight around Cape Point, incl wine tasting and lunch.All in 1 package.

Mangwanani Spa

Enjoy being pampered at Mangwanani Spa at Zevenwacht Wine Estate along the famous Stellenbosch Wine Route.

Abseiling in Cape Town

For centuries, mankind has looked upon climbing, hiking and scaling Table Mountain, our wonder of nature as the ultimate challenges – until the discovery of the exhilarating activity, Abseiling, that is!

Diamonds and Jewellery

Diamonds and the associated jewellery are very much engrained in the history of South Africa, with many global diamond and metal mining giants originating here.

Adderley Street Flower Sellers

Freshly cut flowers – including fynbos species such as king and pincushion proteas, depending on the season – are available from the friendly flower sellers in Adderley Street, where this trade has operated for the past 100 years. These flowers are generally a lot cheaper than anywhere else.


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