Cape Town Tourism - Table Mountain

Die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum

Afrikaans is one of the youngest languages in the world, born in the Cape during the 17th Century. The language is seen as a daughter language of Dutch, but it also has strong Malay, Portuguese and indigenous roots.

A guided tour through the musuem will give you a sense of how diverse Afrikaans – the first language of six-million South Africans and 55 percent of people in the Western Cape – really is.

Situated in the Georgian-style home of Gideon Malherbe, the museum was established to honor people of the Genootskap van Regte Afrikaners (association of true Afrikaners) who worked to establish Afrikaans as a written language, to standardise it and to publish in it. Malherbe was one of the leaders of the Genootskap.



Abseiling in Cape Town

For centuries, mankind has looked upon climbing, hiking and scaling Table Mountain, our wonder of nature as the ultimate challenges – until the discovery of the exhilarating activity, Abseiling, that is!

SA Forest Adventures

The Ultimate Adventure!

Supreme Sharks

Shark cage diving is one of the top attractions in South Africa. Whether you are in Cape Town on holiday or looking for a unique adrenalin rush, shark cage diving is the answer. You can rely on our experienced team and state of the art equipment to make your shark cage diving experience truly memorable.

Palm Tree Mosque

Tucked in among restaurants, clubs and clothing stores in Cape Town’s fashionable Long Street is one of the city’s most enduring and historical spiritual spaces: the Palm Tree Mosque.


Dine-with-a-Local is an exciting alternative to eating out in regular Cape Town restaurants and is not only passionate about local cuisine. Our passion also carries through to the visitors received in the culturally diverse South Africa.


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