Diamonds and Jewellery

A bespoke piece from local designer Famke Koene

In the nation's fabric and in Cape Town

Much of the modern South Africa has been built on the economic spoils from the mining of precious metals and diamonds, with their discovery resulting in a huge influx of prospectors and business into the country back in the 1800’s.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

The Cullinan diamond discovered near Pretoria in 1905, was the largest diamond of any colour ever discovered until the same mine produced in 1985 what remains the largest diamond ever unearthed - the 545 carat Golden Jubilee Diamond. Mining continues to this day and as a result we have access to some of the finest examples of diamonds, gemstones and the precious metals used to produce jewellery and art of exceptional quality and unique design. All of this is available from a wonderful selection of distinguished designers and jewelers across the city, from large commercial operations to smaller more intimate boutiques.

The jewels in our crown

The Cape Town Diamond Museum and the Shimansky Diamond Experience can both be enjoyed from a gorgeous showroom and workshop in the unique Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront. For more on this experience, and to book click here.

Another shiny experience includes the Museum of Gems and Jewellery that is part of the well-known Prins & Prins family-owned jewellery shop, with a distinct selection of engagement and diamond rings, tanzanite and precious stones.

Uwe Koetter, another local jewellery designer and manufacturer has a wonderful showroom in the elegant Cape Quarter. Visitors can observe master designers and goldsmiths working to bring designs to life in a uniquely Cape Town setting.

Situated in the lively and historic Bo Kaap, Jewel Africa offers visitors a jewellery tour and look at how exclusive designs are turned into bespoke artworks. The Jewel Africa showroom carries a range of top-quality loose diamonds, tanzanite and gemstones in addition to fine jewelry in gold, white gold and platinum.

The Sparkling Tour at The Diamond Works offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating and precision-oriented world of diamond and jewellery manufacture, is available on demand from 09h00 to 19h30 from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays.

A new generation of talent


Other jewelers offering bespoke and artisanal creations include the Olive Green Cat and Famké. Both these producers have workshops in the city and can be contacted directly to arrange a visit.

First Diamonds

First Diamonds offers a personal and unique shopping experience in the heart of Cape Town.

Baraka Gifts and Decor

Experience something completely different! Visit Baraka Gifts and Decor and see why this famous little Gift Shop was Voted Cape Town’s Best!

Cape Cobra Leathercraft

SA’s leading luxury exotic Leathergoods showroom houses a vast variety of handbags, clutches, and accessories, in a range of colours and materials including Genuine Crocodile, Python and Ostrich leathers. CCL is internationally recognized for their elegant and sophisticated design, unsurpassed quality and timeless pieces.

Rush Extreme Sports

Rush Indoor Trampoline Park. Rush makes you fly, join the Rush Movement..

The Coffee Route

The Coffee Route:  A guide to Cape Town’s hottest coffee spots is a book filled with the independent, quirky and wonderful coffee shops of Cape Town and surrounding areas.


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