Cape Town labyrinths

An ariel view of the labyrinth on the glorious Rustenberg wine farm

Labyrinths in and around Cape Town – find yourself without getting lost

Not to confused with a maze, a labyrinth is not that place where you might find yourself stumbling from dead end to dead end in desperate search of the way out, but rather a place to simply find yourself.  A labyrinth adds order to chaos, rather than the other way around.  A defined way in and a route to the centre, the labyrinth offers you a controlled stroll during which you can leave your worries behind you and just simply stroll.

For millennia, people of various cultures and civilizations have created labyrinths from a variety of different materials such as rock, ceramics, clay, mosaic and even on manuscript. Although there are many modern variations on traditional labyrinths, the two most common traditional types are the Chartres and classic-seven labyrinths.
Today many organisations such as churches and retreat centres are opening labyrinth walks to the public for prayer, meditation, contemplation or personal growth, and here are a few that a worth a visit whilst you explore Cape Town…

Cape Town labyrinths

The Oude Molen labyrinth at the Oude Molen Eco Village is in the Pinelands suburb of Cape Town and is always open and entry is free. The site also features a fascinating eco-village, where local artists ply their trade and one can enjoy a lovely horse ride along the banks of the Black River 021 448 9442.
The historic St George’s Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in the Southern Hemisphere and has a paved labyrinth in the cathedral’s courtyard. It can be found in the city centre, at the top of St George’s Mall (and at the top of Adderley Street and just below the Company’s Garden). The labyrinth is accessible during office hours or by arrangement with the cathedral office. 021 424 7360
Kalk Bay hosts a medieval labyrinth, the Seamouth Labyrinth, just across the road from the beach in this quaint seaside village.  This labyrinth is on private property, but visitors are welcome and entry is free. 021 782 4040 or

Winelands Labyrinths

In the glorious Stellenbosch winelands and on one of her most spectacular farms, Rustenberg, find a Chatres style labyrinth where the old tennis court stood. The labyrinth is laid out in half brick and river stone and shares the most spectacular surroundings of a glorious Cape garden on this iconic wine farm. 021 809 1200

Cape Town Magic Club

Africa’s Premier Magic Club. Located in the Cape Town Club, the intimate 40 ­seater theatre will offer patrons a rare opportunity to see top local magicians (and the occasional mystery guest) perform their own unique brands of illusion, sleight of hand and mentalism in an exclusive venue.


SA ART Investment is now well established Internationally, and our vehicle offers a comprehensive view of what is available; WHERE & HOW.

The Palms Décor & Lifestyle Centre

The Palms is home to exciting art galleries and many décor products at The Palms stores reflect the centre’s unique art-inspired character.

Proudly Macassar Pottery

Proudly Macassar Pottery is a social enterprise, situated in an old tavern building in Macassar, Cape Town. We use the production of clay UDU drums and flutes to create a space for at-risk youths from the surrounding community to discover themselves and a purposeful, sustainable and economically empowered lifestyle.

Learn to cook like a local in the Bo-Kaap

If you’re keen on spending some time in the kitchen, book yourself on a cooking safari and learn to cook secret recipes from one of the local Bo-Kaap ladies in her very own kitchen. This activity is a must-do for any foodie or those interested in getting to know the Cape Malay culture.


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