Cape Town Tourism - Table Mountain


Tobogganing in Cape Town. Photo courtesy Lorraine van der Merwe

An adaptation of the popular winter sport in Europe has come to Africa’s southern tip. An operator called Cool Runnings has put together a 1.25km (0.7mi) steel toboggan slope which runs down the hillside near the Velodrome in Durbanville.

Tickets cost R20 and are available from Web Tickets,

The toboggans can reach speeds of 40km/h (25mph). For visitors who are looking to head down the hill more than three times, a day pass is ideal as it allows you to skip most of the queue.

Cool Runnings is open from 09h00 to 18h00 every day.

The video below, courtesy of smithcza, provides an insight into the tobogganing experience at Cool Runnings.


Abseiling in Cape Town

For centuries, mankind has looked upon climbing, hiking and scaling Table Mountain, our wonder of nature as the ultimate challenges – until the discovery of the exhilarating activity, Abseiling, that is!

Supreme Sharks

Shark cage diving is one of the top attractions in South Africa. Whether you are in Cape Town on holiday or looking for a unique adrenalin rush, shark cage diving is the answer. You can rely on our experienced team and state of the art equipment to make your shark cage diving experience truly memorable.

Palm Tree Mosque

Tucked in among restaurants, clubs and clothing stores in Cape Town’s fashionable Long Street is one of the city’s most enduring and historical spiritual spaces: the Palm Tree Mosque.


Dine-with-a-Local is an exciting alternative to eating out in regular Cape Town restaurants and is not only passionate about local cuisine. Our passion also carries through to the visitors received in the culturally diverse South Africa.

Proudly Macassar Pottery

Proudly Macassar Pottery is a social enterprise, situated in an old tavern building in Macassar, Cape Town. We use the production of clay UDU drums and flutes to create a space for at-risk youths from the surrounding community to discover themselves and a purposeful, sustainable and economically empowered lifestyle.


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