Labia Theatre and Little Theatre

The Labia Theatre. Photo courtesy Joshua

For nearly 30 years, the Labia Theatre has lured discerning moviegoers to enjoy classic films in an old-world ambience. Originally an Italian embassy ballroom, the building was opened by Princess Labia in May 1949 as a live performance theatre. It’s widely recognised as the oldest independent art-repertory cinema in South Africa.

Choice of four
Labia on Orange (68 Orange Street) offers moviegoers a choice of four viewing screens, including M-Net Screen 4, which boasts Dolby stereo sound. For great movie selections at reasonable prices, look no further.

Coffee shop and parking
There’s also a coffee bar selling homemade delicacies and chocolate for those with a sweet tooth. The venue is licensed and there’s patrolled, secure parking across the road.

Labia on Kloof
The new Lifestyles Centre at 50 Kloof Street in Gardens houses Labia’s two more trendy screens.

Little Theatre
Across the road, the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Hiddingh Campus in central Cape Town is home to the Little Theatre, run in conjunction with UCT’s drama department, +27  (0)21 480 7129, +27  (0)21 480 7169,

Production companies
Apart from its theatre research and teaching function for UCT, the Little Theatre is also used by production companies and community groups in theatre, film and television.

From a production perspective, the Little Theatre presents a varied programme of classical, contemporary and experimental student work during the course of each academic year.

International links
Collaborations with the South African Museum, South African National Gallery, local professional theatres, amateur dramatic societies and clubs also feature on the Little Theatre agenda. Links have been forged with international theatre companies to host overseas productions.

Little Theatre facilities include a scenery workshop, costume wardrobe, and furniture and properties stores. The Little Theatre also serves as a theatre resource for past students and for the public.

Cape Town Comedy Club

Jou Ma Se Comedy Club changes name to Cape Town Comedy Club

Urban Brandy Cocktail Route

Launched in honour of SA’s favourite spirit, and in response to the increasing public demand for brandy in all its guises, the Urban Brandy Cocktail Route is the ultimate experienced-based initiative. Presenting a unique way to explore and appreciate brandy against the diverse backdrop of the cosmopolitan Cape Town cityscape, the formation of the route speaks to how brandy has risen from its conventional role to embrace a more sophisticated, modern image.

Cape Town Pub Crawl & Booze Cruize

Cape Town Pub Crawl are a team bringing International students together with the backpackers to party in the best pubs and clubs in Cape Town! You will get entrance into multiple venues, save money on discounted drinks, get a lot of free stuff, and be part of the biggest crowd of 18-35 party-goers in Cape Town!
It’s a nightlife revolution, and something you have to try before you die!

Living Room

Living Room is an upmarket and sophisticated multi leveled entertainment venue.

Mavericks Revue Bar

Mavericks Revue Bar is South Africa’s Premier Gentlemen’s Club. It is upmarket entertainment venue, where men and women alike enjoy five bars and lounges that appeal to every taste and pocket. Whether you’re looking for a big night out, a meal with business associates, or a quiet relaxed, drink, over 80 beautiful dancers from every corner of the globe are waiting to entertain you. Take in a stage show, or request a more personal experience. Ask your concierge to book you a prime spot at Mavericks and experience the most enjoyable night you’ll have had on your travels.


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