City centre

Cape Town's city centre. Photo courtesy Derek Keats

The Heart of The City

When it comes to fun and entertainment, Cape Town is the mother of all cities, and there’s no such thing as a dull moment if you’re in the heart of it: the Cape Town city centre. Here, you’ll find loads of attractions and entertainment options.

Meet the locals

Meet the flower sellers of Adderley Street, something of a Cape Town institution, and make sure you browse in Greenmarket Square, the city’s best-loved flea market. The Pan African Market in Long Street (which is vibrant, particularly at night) is a must for curios and wares from all over Africa.

See some of the culture

If there are two museums that are an absolute must, we suggest the Iziko South African Museum and the Iziko South African National Gallery. Find information on more of the Iziko Museums on their website

Eat your way through town

There are loads of fantastic restaurants in the city centre. Try out Jason Bakery (+27 21 424 5644) in Bree Street or the award-winning Aubergine (+27 21 465 4909) in Gardens. The Five Flies (+27 (0)21 424 4442) in Keerom Street is another notable spot and has a great cigar bar to brag about. For something a bit different try the Mesopotamia Kurdish Kitchen (+27 21 464 4664) on the corner of Long and Church Street or Masala Dosa (+27 21 424 6772) in Long Street for authentic South Indian cooking.

Long Street is where it’s all happening, all of the time. Enjoy dinner at Mama Africa’s (+27 21 424 8634) or one of the many other restaurants in the street, and then head out and enjoy a big night on the town. The Dubliner (+27 (0)21 424 1212) is a popular bar, open every night of the week, and Zula Bar (+27 (0)21 424 2442) offers good live music and comedy. For late night dancing and good tunes, visit Sgt. Pepper and Fiction, both favoured by the locals. 

The Cape Town city centre is great for walkers and cyclists, with dedicated paths to ensure that you can travel everywhere by foot or by bicycle. 

Download the App

There's no better way to explore the city than by foot! Walk your way around Cape Town and find out about intersting facts and hidden gems with our free audio app. The app contains information on more than 40 points of interest and has great features like and interactive map and social buttons so that you can share your journey with friends, family and followers. Find out more about the app and how to download it here.

Read more about tours available in the city centre.

  • Phone: +27 (0)21 487 6800

Bugz Playground

There are a quadrillion, bazillion reasons to visit us! Large sandpit areas with colourful jungle gyms, slides, swings, play houses, tree houses, a castle and obstacles to crawl under or climb over and any rides that will fill your day with delightful giggles - bring your kids today and get them learning through play!

Cape Town Comedy Club

Jou Ma Se Comedy Club changes name to Cape Town Comedy Club

Urban Brandy Cocktail Route

Launched in honour of SA’s favourite spirit, and in response to the increasing public demand for brandy in all its guises, the Urban Brandy Cocktail Route is the ultimate experienced-based initiative. Presenting a unique way to explore and appreciate brandy against the diverse backdrop of the cosmopolitan Cape Town cityscape, the formation of the route speaks to how brandy has risen from its conventional role to embrace a more sophisticated, modern image.

Cape Town Pub Crawl & Booze Cruize

Cape Town Pub Crawl are a team bringing International students together with the backpackers to party in the best pubs and clubs in Cape Town! You will get entrance into multiple venues, save money on discounted drinks, get a lot of free stuff, and be part of the biggest crowd of 18-35 party-goers in Cape Town!
It’s a nightlife revolution, and something you have to try before you die!

Living Room

Living Room is an upmarket and sophisticated multi leveled entertainment venue.


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