Athlone and Galaxy Disco

Cape Flats at night, photo courtesy Derek Keats

Enjoy authentic Cape Malay dining, listen to some swinging jazz, party till you drop and then eat again in Athlone.

Athlone, a so-called “coloured area” on the Cape Flats under the apartheid government, has maintained its Cape Malay roots while quickly adapting to the multi-cultural advantages offered by a democratic South Africa.

The area has a number of restaurants that offer authentic and traditional Cape Malay dishes including bobotie (a spiced mince dish baked with an egg-based topping) and snoek breyani (rice and curried fish).

Once you’ve eaten there are two places which offer to turn a pleasant meal into a real party.

For those looking for a laid-back approach to post-dinner drinks, the West End club offers sultry jazz on Thursday through to Saturday and is situated at the Cine 400 Building, College Road, Rylands.

If jazz is not your thing, or if you are in the mood to party hard, the Galaxy Disco Restaurant is the place for you. Situated just below the West End, the Galaxy is one of Cape Town’s oldest and best clubs and features some of the hottest DJs Cape Town has to offer.

To contact either the West End or the Galaxy, telephone +27 21 637 9132/3,  fax +27 21 6378994 or email

Now that you’ve burnt off your earlier dinner, there is no better place for a late-night snack than the Wembley Roadhouse. Situated at 23 Belgravia Road on the corner of Denchworth, the Wembley Roadhouse (+27 21 697 1430; offers superb Indian take-out. The roadhouse is open from 11h00 to midnight every day, though it is closed on Fridays from midday to 13h00 for mosque. Call for hours during Ramadaan.

Did you know?

The Galaxy Disco in Athlone is one of Cape Town’s oldest and best clubs, and features some of the hottest DJs Cape Town has to offer.

  • Phone: +27 21 787 9140

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