The Kraal Eco Lodge

Guest House

Pure magic.

Authentic. Conscious. Unplugged

Ideal for travelers seeking to dive into the heart of Pondoland, Wild Coast nature and culture. Pioneer in rural green tourism, since 1997, our commitment to developing our communities and sustaining our environment, allows us to offer you a unique experience with a positive footprint.

Our history has shown that change happens with creativity, education, persistence, continuity, and team effort. The Kraal is off the grid…

Catching its own rain water, we run on solar energy, gaz and candles, try to cultivate all our own veggies, breed nguni chickens, and boerpad-cross arab trekking horses, recycle, built our biogas toilet, and hybrid hot-water system and offer activities such as:

Hikes and Guided Walks: from 3-hours to 3 days safaris to Hluleka Nature reserve·

Bird watching

Taking part in the villages activities: Kholeka’s serves the best traditional Xhosa dishes, Support the children’s art & craft, Volunteer with The Kraal Toddlers npo (Rural health empowerment through creative workshops)

Surfing, Snorkeling, Dolphin and whale watching

Sustainable rural development workshops

Holistic workshops - ie Bodytalk systems, nutrition, fengshui

Sea Facing Facilities, traditional huts (3units), or Safari tents (3 units), Please note: 100% eco-friendly, The Kraal is run on solar energy, gaz and candles. We kindly ask our dear conscious travellers, to take back with them all they may bring along such as plastic packaging and glass bottles, as they can not be recycled on site. We,do not hold credit card facilities , we accept cash or bank transfers as payment.


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  • The Kraal Eco Lodge
  • Sinangwana
  • Goniolo Location,Port St. Johns
  • 5120


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