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Backyard Lodge is a self catering guest house Situated in the Guguletu Township 2 minutes away from Mzoli's place in Cape Town, offering total privacy and independence. All units have access to a fully equipped kitchen. All trooms are fully furnished for comfort, the on site parking space can accommodate 5 to 6 cars.Come and experiencing the Township life in Gugulethu a place of vibrant culture and one of the fastest developing townships in South Africa. The apartheid planners did not give names to any of the roads, all were simply named NY stood for Native Yards. Back Yard Lodge is located at NY 141 house no 91.Townships may seem a daunting place to visit, but we would like to share with you how much we love and live the life in our crowded streets. It is vibrant and hectic and you will certainly feel like you've arrived in a place of activity, ubuntu and talent. That's one of the reasons we love it. Come and see why many other visitors praise the townships for its remarkable sense of community and support.So as you visit Guguletu Township for pleasure or any occasion, to find out about our political history, to go to a show, to shop or to sightsee, or for any event, you can stay with us at Backyard Lodge.Elly-Joy Sidloyi the owner was born in Guguletu, Cape Town, in the early seventies. She says having guests at Backyard Lodge has a lot to do with the Guguletu history. When people came to big cities like Cape Town in the old days those that stayed in the townships would build shacks and stay in someone's back yard and rent on monthly basis. Backyard Lodge has its roots from the times of apartheid.It is the culture of youth in Guguletu to stay in the backyard. When the youth becomes adults it is seldom that they would leave to rent or buy a house but they would reside at their parent's house's back yard until one gets married and moves out of his/her parent's house. Staying at the back yard means you are independent, matured and responsible.****** Come stay with us and get that 'joy'.******


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  • 6457 Thaborakuba Street
  • Samora Machell
  • Mitchell's Plain
  • 7750


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